science fiction is not pretend


film by RA Walden
(sign language version)

science fiction is not pretend

RA Walden

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my grandson bought an acre of land farmed

by ants ranching aphids

wrangling the beasts for honeydew

massive tax hikes and uninsurable wine cellars

i saw a lake burning

bodies boiling in the water

how can i make you feel better about myself?

at some point you either have to get on board

or get gone

what is your Big Vision for your life?

make a list of 5 small tasks

you can accomplish today

take that list shove it in your mouth and swallow

wash it down with vitamin water

donate my body to science

all of the scientists

drowning in wastewater

all of the experts

waiting to be published

stop apologising and get busy stockpiling your

basement with beans

i swallowed the cannon and never got up again

it ripped through my deck and my feet

touched the lava and I ran out of lives

come hither and take me into your mouth

i am host virus vessel void

don’t worry it’s not contagious

the lake is boiling again

1000 years of fog

osmoting into the future

we are not united in the hating of the enemy

if that enemy is my body

i did all my gratitudes and i can still smell the smoke

there’s only so much you can ask a person to let go of

who is living inside you?

grow your own specialist

be your only believer

rejoice! rejoice! the tragedy is over

we can breathe on each other’s birthday cakes again

as we all eat each other i’ll be hungry on the

sidelines waiting for my turn to be

consumed by the great wisdom of the age

the body is also embodied

you don’t need to make a big fuss

just haul yourself up the steps with your hands



we can carry you

don’t worry they’re not looking at you,

it’s just that you remind them of death

they are looking at their own death

hug your children tighter

i hope you feel invigorated

carpe fucking dm

i’m grateful for your legs

the only kind of porn i’m into is inspiration porn

here i am baby

ready to be your top dollar money maker

dick in hand

my lake is on fire

i visualise the 5th dimension

i hold my own hand

make the most of that dark room

channel that pain into your art

this lack of productivity can make your product

incredibly powerful


where is the mother now?

did you see the burning?

or were you tucked up in bed?

i heard your protest

walk by me

from my sickbed

you all sounded great