science fiction is not pretend

RA Walden

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my grandson bought an acre of land farmed
by ants ranching aphids
wrangling the beasts for honeydew

massive tax hikes and uninsurable wine cellars1

Survival Condo open in new tab

External website

'Atlas Missile Silo turned Luxury Condos'

i saw a lake burning1

bodies boiling in the water

how can i make you feel better about myself?12

at some point you either have to get on board
or get gone

'irresistible' podcast open in new tab


'irresistible: 35 Practice: Mad Maps with The Icarus Project’s Rhiana Anthony'

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News article

'Covid: Disabled people account for six in 10 deaths in England last year - ONS'

what is your Big Vision for your life?1

matt morris open in new tab


'top 20 best self help books of all time'

make a list of 5 small tasks

you can accomplish today

take that list shove it in your mouth and swallow1

wash it down with vitamin water2

donate my body to science1

all of the scientists
drowning in wastewater

all of the experts
waiting to be published

stop apologising and get busy stockpiling your
basement with beans

half assed disabled prepper tips open in new tab

google doc

'half assed disabled prepper tips for preparing for a coronavirus quarantine' by leah piepzna-samarasinha

live like the world is dying open in new tab


s1e35 – casandra on food preserveration

i swallowed the cannon and never got up again1
it ripped through my deck and my feet
touched the lava and I ran out of lives

come hither and take me into your mouth1

i am host virus vessel void1
don’t worry it’s not contagious2

the lake is boiling again
1000 years of fog
osmoting into the future1

we are not united in the hating of the enemy
if that enemy is my body

i did all my gratitudes and i can still smell the

there’s only so much you can ask a person
to let go of

who is living inside you?12

grow your own specialist12
be your only believer3456

Mary Maggic: Open Source Estrogen open in new tab

Youtube Video

Mary Maggic: Open Source Estrogen

indigenous anarchist federation open in new tab


indigenous anarchist federation: 'basic wilderness fieldcraft: skills for revolutionary survival no.9'

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Power Makes Us Sick: resources page

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Spotify Podcast

How to survive the end of the world: episode: 'centering at the end of the world'

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irresistible Podcast: 12 Practice: Somatic Centering with Sumitra Rajkumar

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imani barbarin

magc | crutches&spice ♿️ 'it’s almost like the effects of racism and white supremacy effect us all… '

rejoice! rejoice! the tragedy is over1
we can breathe on each other’s birthday cakes

as we all eat each other i’ll be hungry on the
waiting for my turn to be
consumed by the great wisdom of the age

the body is also embodied1

you don’t need to make a big fuss12

just haul yourself up the steps with your hands34

we can carry you

Be Antiracist with Ibram X. Kendi open in new tab


Episode: 'ableism & racism: roots of the same tree'

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Youtube Video

Capitol Crawl, 1990

don’t worry they’re not looking at you,
it’s just that you remind them of death1
they are looking at their own death

hug your children tighter12

i hope you feel invigorated1

carpe fucking dm
i’m grateful for your legs

the only kind of porn i’m into is inspiration porn
here i am baby
ready to be your top dollar money maker
dick in hand

my lake is on fire12

Ologies podcast open in new tab


Episode: 'indigenous fire ecology'

i visualise the 5th dimension12

World Science Festival open in new tab

Youtube Video

Quantum Reality: Space, Time, and Entanglement

i hold my own hand1

the world is unknown open in new tab


carolyn lazard

make the most of that dark room
channel that pain into your art
this lack of productivity can make your product
incredibly powerful

Are You For Sale? open in new tab


Are You For Sale? Podcast

Blind Archive open in new tab

Substack Article

'on marta russell’s money model of disability'


True Love Will Find You In The End open in new tab

Youtube Video

Daniel Johnston's 'True Love Will Find You In The End'

Politico open in new tab

Politico Article

'Suicide hotline shares data with for-profit spinoff, raising ethical questions'

where is the mother now?1

did you see the burning?1
or were you tucked up in bed?

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'immunocompromised people are worth protecting' stickers

i heard your protest
walk by me
from my sickbed
you all sounded great