science fiction is not pretend


film by RA Walden
(audio described version)

science fiction is not pretend

RA Walden

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The screen is white.
00:07 (slightly ahead of the image)
Overlaid subtitles are being read out with the pitch distorted.
The subtitles can be consulted separately in German and English using the
screen reader.
A white object is floating in a fluid in a glass.
It is an egg, in acetic acid. In timelapse: small bubbles form on the shell around the egg.
They detach and float upwards. Tiny air bubbles crowd under the surface of the fluid.
The egg moves to and fro in the fluid.
The glass has a plastic lid. The bubbles are trapped under it, forming a foam.
00:58 (Slightly ahead of image)
A caption on the film: “After 12 hours, eggshell has been completely decayed”. A hand
opens the lid. The inside of the lid is covered with brown smears.
The egg floats in the fluid, without its chalky shell.
A hand lifts the egg from the glass and presses it with the thumb. The surface of the egg
The screen goes white.
A small, slightly fuzzy video image appears in the centre of a white background.
It shows a fluttering baby bird on a white cloth, laid on a desk with a computer keyboard.
The bird opens its mouth wide, and is fed from a pipette.
The screen goes white.
(slightly ahead of the image)
Bottling jars on a shelf.
A finger points to the vegetables bottled in the jars: tomatoes, beans, cabbage.
A piece of meat on a chopping board. A caption appears: “Cut into 3/4 inch
A woman’s hand takes a kitchen knife and dices the meat.
The woman is blonde. She is wearing a shimmery gold blouse. As she puts the
diced meat into a food processor, her lips are moving. Caption: “Process 1/3 at a
She takes the minced meat out of the food processor with one hand, and kneads it on
the chopping board. The screen goes white.
A lake. A circular fire is blazing on the surface of the water, right beside the
shore. Flames well up, and a column of thick black smoke rises into the air. In
the background are houses and trees.
The screen goes white.
Timelapse: black mould forms on a white mass in a glass. The screen goes
A lawn with a mound in it. A person walks barefoot across the mound, and it gives way.
Water can be seen coming out in one place.
The screen goes white.
A black-and-white image of a motile body cell under a microscope. The screen
goes white.
A Petri dish seen from above, with four yellow blobs in a row in the centre. They
are slime moulds on an agar growth medium.
Timelapse: the mould to the left starts to spread out. Its yellow slime forms branches of a
gelatinous substance in the dish.
A second slime mould starts spreading in the dish.
The screen goes white.
(ahead of the image)
Short video sequences appear in a window at the bottom right corner of the
screen. A pig behind a grating. Other pigs in a cage. They are biting the metal
bars. Small piglets crowding round a mother sow. The sow is lying in a confining
The screen goes white.
A mouth. The lips open during chewing. The tongue presses a light-coloured food
mass between the teeth.
The screen goes white.
A fire in darkness.
Aerial photograph of a lake in a mountainous region. The water level falls and
rises rapidly.
Two glasses of clear liquid stand side by side.
There is an egg in each glass: one lying on the bottom in the left-hand glass, one
floating on the surface in the right. The egg to the left is expanding, the egg to the right
is shrinking. The screen goes white.
A hand removes a yellow rubber glove from another hand.
The screen goes white.
An animated graphic: coloured dots rise up in a narrow column and rain back
down again. The screen goes white.
A tiny image: fingers leave indentations in a mass of pink dough. The screen
goes white.
A shallow glass dish containing a dark fluid.
Structures move on the surface in timelapse. Beginning at the edge of the dish, red
spores grow like corals into the air. They spread out across the dish.
The screen goes white.
The fluttering baby bird gapes its mouth wide open.
It is fed from a green pipette. It greedily opens and closes its beak.
Now in slow motion: the beak opens, closes and opens again slowly. The image

Single channel video. 5m59s

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my grandson bought an acre of land farmed

by ants ranching aphids

wrangling the beasts for honeydew

massive tax hikes and uninsurable wine cellars

i saw a lake burning

bodies boiling in the water

how can i make you feel better about myself?

at some point you either have to get on board

or get gone

what is your Big Vision for your life?

make a list of 5 small tasks

you can accomplish today

take that list shove it in your mouth and swallow

wash it down with vitamin water

donate my body to science

all of the scientists

drowning in wastewater

all of the experts

waiting to be published

stop apologising and get busy stockpiling your

basement with beans

i swallowed the cannon and never got up again

it ripped through my deck and my feet

touched the lava and I ran out of lives

come hither and take me into your mouth

i am host virus vessel void

don’t worry it’s not contagious

the lake is boiling again

1000 years of fog

osmoting into the future

we are not united in the hating of the enemy

if that enemy is my body

i did all my gratitudes and i can still smell the smoke

there’s only so much you can ask a person to let go of

who is living inside you?

grow your own specialist

be your only believer

rejoice! rejoice! the tragedy is over

we can breathe on each other’s birthday cakes again

as we all eat each other i’ll be hungry on the

sidelines waiting for my turn to be

consumed by the great wisdom of the age

the body is also embodied

you don’t need to make a big fuss

just haul yourself up the steps with your hands



we can carry you

don’t worry they’re not looking at you,

it’s just that you remind them of death

they are looking at their own death

hug your children tighter

i hope you feel invigorated

carpe fucking dm

i’m grateful for your legs

the only kind of porn i’m into is inspiration porn

here i am baby

ready to be your top dollar money maker

dick in hand

my lake is on fire

i visualise the 5th dimension

i hold my own hand

make the most of that dark room

channel that pain into your art

this lack of productivity can make your product

incredibly powerful


where is the mother now?

did you see the burning?

or were you tucked up in bed?

i heard your protest

walk by me

from my sickbed

you all sounded great


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